Stop HIV in the 'Ville

Volunteers of America of Kentucky and the Council on Prevention and Education: Substances, Inc. (COPES) have partnered for an outreach campaign to African-American women, who have been disproportionately impacted by HIV in recent years. Our goal is to stop the spread of the disease and link infected persons with counseling, care coordination, and other resources. Testing locations:

Volunteers of America Clinical Campus
1436 South Shelby Street
(502) 635-4511
Contact: Richard Coomer
550 Clinic (WINGS)
550 South Jackson Street
(502) 561-8845

200 East Broadway
(502) 568-4864

3400 West Broadway
(502) 776-2528

West Louisville Dental Office
2500 West Broadway
(502) 776-1754

University of Louisville Student Health Services
Cardinal Station, 215 Central Avenue
(502) 852-6519

Council on Prevention and Education: Substances, Inc. (COPES)
845 Barret Avenue
(502) 583-6820

Bates Memorial Baptist Church
620 East Lampton Street
(502) 636-0523

Bates Community Development Cooperation
1228 South Jackson Street
(502) 636-0523

Central Presbyterian Church
318 West Kentucky Street
(502) 587-6935